Thursday, 29 November 2012

Little Llama

While wading through the depths of the internet, I happened to stumble upon The Shishi Girl's pattern for an adorable alpaca. It's common knowledge among many of those who know me that I went through a very serious llama-obsessed phase back in '07, mostly thanks to hearing The Llama Song for the first time and having it control my mind. In hindsight, the song is terrifying, but I was young and fairly strange (I'm not as young anymore).

Regardless, llamas are still adorable, and my friend Chelsey has recently discovered her own obsession with these cute camelids, so I couldn't resist making this little alpaca and dubbing it a llama for her sake.

Here are a few photos of her:

  I made her (according to Chelsey, the llama of her dreams is a girl named Pippy (yeah, she's weird, I know)) from some tea-stained white fleece, with two black beads for eyes. I added a little blanket on her back, too, from some fabric I found in my mom's stash, which may have been a shirt in a past life.

It was a mission to take photos of this little lady llama outside, because the wind was howling and kept blowing her over.

The pattern was really simple and turned out very cute, if a bit fat, but I think that was because I added a bit too much seam allowance.

In a moment of sheer madness, Chelsey, upon receiving her llama, went on to create a Twitter account for the llama, proudly dubbing it "Pippy". I'm not sure how to feel about this.

You can see my Cut Out + Keep post on this over here.

New beginnings

Two days ago, I finished my final high school exam.

After a number of failed blogs that I've lost interest in or been distracted from, I felt this ending of my school career was the perfect excuse for me to give blogging another go - and, well, here I am.

In just over two months, I'll be leaving home for the first time in my life to go to university just over an hour away. This is both incredibly daunting and overwhelmingly exciting.

I love making things, so you can expect to see posts about crafts and my (reasonably unexciting) life here.

Hi there. I'm Lauren.