Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Day of the Grumpy Cat

I don't know about anyone else, but I really don't enjoy Sundays. Mondays, I can handle. But Sundays? No. It's a pretty serious dislike: if it were any more serious, there would be a Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats song about it. Every Sunday, I am inevitably miserable about something or another.

In honour of this week's unhappy Sunday, I made myself a Grumpy Cat brooch, based on the meme.

He's pretty simple, made from felt and a little brooch pin. If you want to make your own, here's how:

You'll need:
  • Felt in various colours
  • A brooch pin
How to do it:
  1. Cut out your pieces of felt (I cut up a picture of Mr Grumpy Cat himself as a pattern).
  2. Use a bit of glue to attach your ears to the head pieces. Secure with a few stitches.
  3. Glue down your eye pieces and muzzle piece, then secure with stitches.
  4. Sew on two tiny blue felt pieces for eyes, then stitch on pupils, and a nose and very grumpy mouth.

    Set the face aside for now.
  5. Sew the legs onto the front of the body.
  6. Sew the brooch pin onto the back of the body, and sew the two body pieces together, adding stuffing.
  7. Sew the two head pieces together, through the neck area, securing the head to the body. Add stuffing and close the head.
And then, your grumpy cat brooch is all ready to wear!

If you want to see it elsewhere, this tutorial is also available here on Cut Out + Keep.

Happy grouching. :)


  1. I <3 Grumpy Cat this is so cute!!!

  2. This is amazing! It has now been featured on Geek Crafts! Come on by, check it out, and spread the word!

    Stay Awesome,