Friday, 21 December 2012

Read All About It

When I was working on my galaxy-print collar, I started playing around with other collar ideas, too. I love the look of newsprint, so I desided that newspaper would be a fun idea for a collar, as well as an ideal opportunity to play with some Modge Podge.

Here's my tutorial on how to make this collar. I used faux leather and some newspaper, so the materials aren't particualrly obscure. 

I'm not at home at the moment, so I haven't been crafting, but I have been catching up on posting some tutorials, such as this one on how to make a Jake the Dog plush from Adventure Time (I'll devote a full blog post to him another time).

I also played around with a pair of Bat-symbol lace glasses, because I was bored with the plain old yellow glasses I had lying on my desk as the remnant of some hippie party or another.

I'm still thinking of what I can make as Christmas gifts (I put off gifting until I was sure that the world wouldn't be ending today), so hopefully I can still write a few more tutorials to enter into the Cut Out + Keep Secret Santa Contest.

Good luck with not ending today, world.

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