Friday, 19 September 2014

Instructables: My Top 5 Round-Up

I've always known about Instructables. It's always been there - turning up in DIY searches, hovering around craft sites, offering creation inspiration... But for some reason, I never made myself an account. But then, at the end of August, I did.

Since then, I've posted 10 projects - a combination of previously unpublished projects and some of my old favourites that weren't yet on the site. I absolutely love the site - they host wonderful contests, and seem to have a very active community, with projects featured every day and an incredible number of views and comments on my projects, in comparison to what I'm used to. So far, every one of my projects has been featured (a little star with "100%" beside it on my profile page confirms this), and my challenge to myself is to maintain this feature rate. I'll definitely be posting all of my future projects there, too!

In celebration of my new-found love, here are my 5 most popular projects on the site so far, in order of popularity:

1. Sock Sloth

This is definitely one of my favourite projects of all time, and others seem to like it, too. I turned the tutorial into a video, and so far, it's been my most popular on Instructables.

2. Stormtrooper Cut-Out Shirt

The perfect t-shirt hack for any Star Wars fan, this shirt has been popular on Instructables. I'm still tempted to do a Yoda one next!

3. Superhero Cut-Out Shirt

Another geeky t-shirt hack, this is a perfect feature of a simple superhero Halloween costume, and is a great way to make a plain, boxy t-shirt more fun and feminine.

4. Embellished Sunglasses

These glasses were so simple to make, yet they look intricate and fancy. They've definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.

5. Scratch-off Globe

One of my favourite projects recently, this globe allows you to scratch off the places you've visited - a great way of marking off where you've been.

Have you ever used Instructables? What other craft sites do you use?



  1. I haven´t heard of Instructables before, but there is a very similar one called cut out and keep:

    1. Thank you! But I've actually been using Cut Out + Keep for years now. I've been a member since 2009 and have 81 projects on the site. :)