Friday, 12 September 2014

Sock Sloth: Remixed

A while back, I created what has become one of my absolute favourite crafts of all time: the sock sloth. Since then, I've made a bunch of other sloths, too, but my sock sloth was the one that started it all. Because I love this craft so much, I decided it would be ideal to revamp into a video, to make a clearer, more interesting and more fun tutorial!

This is only my second attempt at a video tutorial, and while I was happier with this than my first one, it was still recorded with an ancient camera and the narration recorded with a microphone from a PlayStation 2 game. So all that taken into account, I'm pretty happy!

Let me know if you enjoy this video tutorial! If you make your own version of this project, I would love to see it, so don't forget to show me! You can post your own version on Cut Out + Keep, or tweet me a photo!


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